Just Dance

relieves stress


quiets the mind

calms anxiety

increases confidence

great exercise

nurtures creativity



what is just dance?

It's a platform that will allow you to travel through familiar and unchartered paths leading to a deeper understanding of yourself.  Dance in ways that inspire you without the fear of being judged.  You'll be given the freedom to become whatever and whomever you want and need to be.  You are the painter and the dance floor is your canvas.  You will create something fresh and unique each and every time.  You will leave the dance feeling lighter, more sure of yourself, inspired, and carry within you that deep warm feeling that may have been misplaced.  With life in your eyes and pep in your step you're becoming the best version of yourself.  Sure you can dance in your home, at a club, and of course you can take tap, jazz, ballet, swing or any other form of structured dance.  However, do you have the courage to Just Dance?


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